Central Valley Regional Center offers a wide variety of services for eligible individuals and their families including:

Early Intervention Services

Services provided to eligible children under the age of three which can include: assistive technology, psychological services, audiology (hearing) services, training and counseling, service coordination, some health services, social work services, some medical services, nursing, speech and language services, nutrition counseling, occupational therapy, vision services, physical therapy, and others as needed. Early Start standardized info packet.

CVRC Early Start Brochures – English

To view copies of the information packets in a variety of languages, formats, and modes of communication visit the DDS website here:   Information Packet for Consumers & Families – CA Department of Developmental Services

Behavior Intervention

Behavior Tools I & II classes are provided on a regular basis. Please check our calendar for the next available class. In home behavior consultation services are provided to families that have attended the Behavior Consultation Orientation.

Supported Living

Provides all the necessary services that allow eligible adults to live in their own home including: assisting with daily living activities, maintaining a clean and safe home, obtaining appropriate medical services, locating suitable house mates, accessing community resources and participating in community life, and 24 emergency assistance.

Licensed Homes

CVRC works with several different licensed facilities that provide 24 hour nonmedical care and supervision for adults 18-59. These homes are differentiated by service levels that determine the level of care and supervision that will be provided. CVRC also works with Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) that provide services for adults 60 an older.

Respite Care

Central Valley Regional Center offers respite services in the family home. Families can choose either a respite worker already employed by a service provider or find their own respite worker and have them become employed with one of our Employer of Record agencies. Respite is also offered out-of-home in licensed facilities. The appropriate amount of respite hours is determined by the needs of each individual and family served through the assistance of their Service Coordinator.

Adult Day Activities

Central Valley Regional Center offers a variety of programs for clients that have exited their local school systems. All programs focus on community integration and some offer a work component. We also offer peer groups such as “Out and About” that access local community events.

Supported Employment

Offers adult clients the opportunity to work in the community, in a group setting, with a job coach.


CVRC works with several different ILS agencies that provide skills training to clients who live independently in the community. Skills that are obtained include, budgeting, scheduling health appointments, healthy meal planning and cooking, house cleaning, learning public transportation routes, personal health and hygiene, and other independent living skills that are outlined in the IPP.


Most of the individuals served by CVRC are recipients of Medi-Cal, and are enrolled in managed Care Plans. The plans, by county are: Fresno, Madera and Kings County are served by Cal Viva Health and Anthem Blue Cross Partnership plan. Mariposa County has Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan and California Health and Wellness. Merced County is served by Central California Alliance for Health. Tulare County is served by Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan and Health Net Community Solutions. Click here for contact information.

Click here to view regional center services and descriptions on the DDS website.